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MAZ 54323 (64229) with MAZ 9758 Trailer by Nikola
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MAZ 54323 (64229) with MAZ 9758 Trailer by Nikola

In front of you is a brand-new mod of the Belarusian truck MAZ-54323 with the semitrailer MAZ-9758. The mod is based on the newly assembled medium-poly 3D model with high-quality textures.
An autonomous truck is purchased in the Scania dealer.
- 2 chassis 4×2(54323) & 6×4(64229);
- 1 sleeper cabin;
- 2 engines YAMZ-238BE & TMZ-842410;
- 5 gearboxes;
- DLC Cabin ready;
- New real sound;
- Reworked interior, added dashboard computer with the ability to
reproduce the recording of a channel of truckers. Turned on with
the “I” key;
- New real trailer wheels;
- All the parameters of the engines, gearboxes, chassis comply with
the specifications of the manufacturing plants.
– Added support for advanced coupling and animation of trailer cables.
- The trailer spelled out all the loads in the game. Replaces everything.

Attention! Mod has its own physics, so all the physics mods should be disconnected and removed from the mod manager in order to avoid conflicts!

Camera and definition package fully reworked. Fixed animation.
Clear log!
Mod tested in latest actual game version 1.31.xx

Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass), Dalnoboyshic, Stas556, Scorokhodov, Descpro

  • Justice
    2018-07-28 13:54
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    mods_ats you know that reuploading peoples content it's a crime and you can be reported to autorities by the real people? Imprisonment between 6 months and 3 years
  • Konstantin-donbass
    2018-07-28 14:01
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  • Fullxpert
    2018-07-28 19:31
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    Испавьте засвет в кабине пожалуйста
  • Fullxpert
    2018-07-29 13:05
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    Сделайте фикс исправления чтобы в салоне было как на улице а не светло как возле солнца,разве так трудно исправить???
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