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MAZ 6422M Update
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MAZ 6422M Update

Fictitious model based on the imagination of the team members, compliance with the original no !!!
Model made from scratch, including beauty and the animation !!!
Prescribed separately. Purchased in the showroom DAF. Has its own tuning, the real engine and transmission.
Also please note that each of the internal combustion engine has its own checkpoint.
Spelled out in the gallery tractors to work in companies (both in Europe and in English).

Version: 1.16.xx

JAWA, Stas556, Mishanka, Fox071rus

  • Losevo58
    2015-01-25 14:57
    Вот, что нам предлагают поставить в игру !!Весь лог забит красными и жёлтыми записями.Here’s what we suggest to put the game !!All log entries red and yellow scored.MAZ 6422M by JAWA & Stas556.Для версии игры 1.13.xxxhttp://rghost.ru/private/60545261/6133c3e4fb707749951d6c038d48a6ac
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