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Mediterranean Expansion beta 1.38
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Mediterranean Expansion beta 1.38

Created a mod which I have named Mediterranean Expansion. The map is currently in an open beta meaning you can download and install the map but don't expect it to be the greatest quality.
The reason why it is in open beta is because over the next few weeks I will not be able to work on the map so I attempted to create something playable. Just don't expect any updates anytime soon
It is compatible with Promods just place the mod above all the Promods files.


  • Guest
    2020-09-21 12:02
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    Why is it only for the promods?
  • Pm fan
    2020-09-21 12:56
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    Because PM is the best Expansion !
  • Name
    2020-09-21 13:02
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    Can find you on PM-Forum ?
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