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Mega Damage mod 1.25.x
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Mega Damage mod 1.25.x

– New realistic accident animations
– Work Perfect


  • Guest
    2016-10-02 18:36
  • Bruins
    2016-10-02 20:18
    Сказочный долбоёб и зачем его только из больницы выпустили?!Урод - что за фигню заливаешь и куда модераторы смотрят???
  • Guest
    2016-10-03 11:31
    Moderators aren´t here, or the Moderators post this shit fake mods to gain attention and points!
  • Guest
    2016-10-03 11:44
  • Ronon
    2016-10-04 07:55
    I cant believe that peps fall for this fake shit again this site is good for only one thing if there is a private mod is leaked u will find it here
  • Ronon
    2016-10-04 08:10
    As for Mr.Guest aka Mindaugas Juozaitis with the youtube link with the demonstration of the mod that's pure animation the only thing in comon with ets 2 is that animation is looking like it,he is uploading a lot of fake mods
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