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Mega Discount mod v1.3 Ets2 1.13
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Mega Discount mod v1.3 Ets2 1.13

Bennekebens mega discount mod 1.0

 Updated to 1.3   http://fileml.com/file/0x879e


  •  Garage weekly earnings increased ,Cost 100k upgrade Small garage from  1mil Euro / Cost 250k upgrade Big garage from 1.5m to 10 mil euro per Week.
  •  Garage are a bit more expensive again due the massive money gain and savings on cheaper parts.
  •  Changeable Wheels . Front wheels to rear state : deleted  /  Rear wheels to Front  state : Added
  •  Fixed some Game.log errors


Creator : Bennekeben (Xfire/Steam ID),* Feel Free to Add me

Mod Name : Bennekebens MegaDiscount Mod version 1.3Supported for ETS2 version 1.11.1

Whats In this MOD ???

1.Discounts On
Garages >> Small garage 75k euro , Big garage 100k euro
Truck Parts >> All truck parts are cheaper
Stock Paint
New Trucks are cheaper cause of the Cheaper truck parts.
Changed Fee on Hired people min fee 150euro per delivery
Changed Starting Fee on Hired people from 1.5k to 500 euro
Fuel Discount of 80% on Big Garages Fuel station.

Police Tickets Decreased ! 50-150 euro depending on how bad your are...

2.Money Increasement
Increased Total earnings possibility a week for Small Garage 500keuro and Big Garage 1.5mil Euro
Increased Bonus of Talent Points , When Reached min 4 points on Heavy load,Fragile, Just in Time,...
U and your Hired employes Above 4skill points will gain 50% More earning.

3.Custom Creations
Tuned Real Life Diesel engines
Custom Chassis with All Wheel Drive For all Trucks
Custom 6 Speed Transmissions With 3 Diffrent Differential Ratios For all Trucks
Custom Funny Stunt Chassis >> i found this accidently but i laughed so hard i might as well made it for all trucks as well :p (This is not Realistic)


  • Patko226
    2014-10-12 10:04
    please normal download link.... this link is s*it...
  • Guest
    2014-10-12 12:34
    I spend alot of time making mods...hours , days, weeks..This Download link is a verry small support for me and it only takes u 2-3mins of your time to acces the download file.I would very much appriciate all to spend just those few mins of there time before to download my mod.This will improve me to make even greater mods!Thanks ahead and Have fun !
  • Guest
    2014-10-12 14:11
    In case u dont thrust it here is a second link >> http://uploadfiles.eu/mzow9ecuykz3/zz_Bennekeben_s_MegaDiscountModV1.3.scs.htmlGrtz Bennekeben
  • Guest
    2014-10-12 17:38
    NEW Upload ,Fixed reported Crash Bug on engines selectionhttp://uploadfiles.eu/mzow9ecuykz3/zz_Bennekeben_s_MegaDiscountModV1.3.scs.html
  • Guest
    2014-10-12 17:57
    Edited***NEW Upload ,Fixed reported Crash Bug on engines selectionhttp://uploadfiles.eu/84jpb335yw4t/zz_Bennekeben_s_MegaDiscountModV1.3.scs.html
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