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Mega pack  Schmitz Pack v14
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Mega pack Schmitz Pack v14

Game version: 1.32 and above.

AO Texture.
Skins support.
Its the right shadow.
Advanced hitch support.
Lifting axle support.
Support for hitch cables.
A large number of tuning.

V. 14:
1.Fixed bugs on the model of vans.
2.Fixed some textures.
3.Fixed flickering textures on the gate.
4.Added a new version of "horns".
5.Fixed the position of the wheels.
6.Added 3 new chassis.
7.Dobalina in the tuning ladder.
8.Added to the tuning logo rear bump (Black\White).
9.Changed lightmask side lights.
10.Fixed side led strips.
11.Fixed collision.
12.Fixed the names of some of the tuning slots.
13.Added light bulb slots on the bottom of vans.
14.Added side marker lights to the tuning. (Drain\LED).
15.Added fire extinguishers to the front of the van.
16.Added 2 new versions of the open rear gate.
17.Added 125 Years skin.
18.Fixed bugs in the log.
19.Added Curtain-side trailer version.
20.Fixed the name of the trailer in an online purchase.
21.Added new variants of refrigeration units.
22.The model of anti-roll stops is replaced.
23.The corrected template on the box with side doors.
24.Added 5 frame options (Gray, Black, Red, Blue, Green).
25.Added Side version of the trailer.
26.Added a new version of the rear optics.
27.Reworked registration for Refrigerated and Isothermal vans.
28.Added new options rear at the gate (Paint\White).
29.Added new types of cargo.
30.Added new types of side skirts and wings.
31.Added fuel tank for the refrigerator.
32.Added the ability to completely remove the wings.
33.Added wheels pack.

Trade of Trucks

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