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Mega Store Reworked v1.12
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Mega Store Reworked v1.12

Mega Store Reworked for 1.12
included new Scania Evo, you find it at Scani dealer at Scani r cabs and chassis.
The Evo is beta and in wip but you can drive it.
If you find bugs, send Pn or write it at comments.
i fix it at the next vision !!!
new addons comming in the next vision.
Its not allowed to upload on other sites hoster or !!!
Credits: Reworked by Malcom37
Base mod by Kyto


  • Craig
    2014-09-07 19:46
    still has red bits showing up for me, mercedes chassis, daf cab and chassis and volvo sideskirts, didnt test anymore they the only ones i use
  • Soso
    2014-09-07 22:03
    MAN TGX error and CTDFailed to open file "/def/vehicle/f_wheel/argo.sii" in the read_only modeFailed to open file "/def/vehicle/r_wheel/argo.sii" in the read_only modeMissing accessory (/def/vehicle/f_wheel/argo.sii) replaced by (/def/vehicle/f_wheel/argo.sii)Missing accessory (/def/vehicle/r_wheel/argo.sii) replaced by (/def/vehicle/r_wheel/argo.sii)Please fix it!
  • Soso
    2014-09-07 23:50
    Fixed it be myself, shame on my! Was another mod. MAN TGA 18. Sorry for that post. But it has still some errors chassis for MAN Tuned/ lowered. But nice work, keep it up!
  • Henrik hesse
    2014-09-09 02:02
  • Hooooi11
    2015-01-31 05:22
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