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Mega Traffic Mod v5.2
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Mega Traffic Mod v5.2

- Increase in traffic density
- Added many new models of cars on the road (some of the TDU-packs and other old friends

as a sprinter and the Duchy of couriers, etc. etc.)
- New Neoplan buses in traffic
- Added Man TGA 18, Scania 164 and Actros MP4 traffic

No bugs you:
- Error string on a man paint and a little outdated pmd dell'MP4
- 'Actros from a distance it looks like a normal MP3
- Not see in the 164L, the Serbian toi Soon new update.

Mod of jennenz
Credits and thanks to:
SCS Srele, Serj999, Jazzycaat

SCS Srele, Serj999, Jazzycaat

  • Jennenz
    2014-03-29 21:35
    The right changelog of my mod:Details:- Increased traffic density- Added 50 new models of ai cars in the traffic- Neoplan bus in the traffic- Added Man TGA 18, Scania 164L and Actros MP4 in the trafficV5.1- Added Jeep Grand Cherokee and BMW X 6- Added Mercede 1632, Daf CF, Volvo F10 and Magnum AE- Added 42 new combination of chassis and cabin for the original trucks of the game- Added 11 BDF trucks
  • Jennenz
    2014-03-29 21:37
    What news in v5.2?:- Added Cadillac Escalade - Added 10 new BDF trucks- Added Man TGS- Added pack trailer with new trailers for the traffic- Various fix
  • Guest
    2014-04-03 12:50
    not work
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