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Mercedes 1632
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Mercedes 1632

Established in a separate slot in the a / c for sale
there Tune
there is a template
Painted in all colors
Her salon.
For versions 1.8. * - 1.9. *
Allowed to alter only for yourself!
With the spread of authorship save!


  • Gkn


    2014-03-21 15:28
    Can you share wheels and trailers too if they're not private?
  • Ferdl
    2014-03-22 13:18
    Where can I find the Truck I lock atthe Mercedes dealer but there isnt the Truck
  • Trucker77
    2014-03-22 15:59
    You can find it at any Volvo dealer
  • Hbo


    2014-03-30 16:22
    How is it installed? No SCS files, I put the zip file in the mod but the game does not see the truck? I'd like your help if you can! Thank you.
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