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Mercedes Actros MP4 v2 Edited
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Mercedes Actros MP4 v2 Edited

Mercedes Benz Actros MP IV for
+ Spelled out in a separate slot.
+ His interior.
+ Supported by the repainting of the body.
+ Three variants of the chassis.
+ Fix a fuel tank pink 6×2 – 6×4.
Original authors / Authors: ED94, seckin01, DANZ, Ch_Vitalik ..
Revised by: By_Axeet it – Vladislav Kalash.
Bumper.Remade plastic tanks. Finalization of the body. lights in
the interior.
Thats is another version of that mod.
In that version curtains was removed, some bugs was fixed.
Have fun!

ED94, seckin01, DANZ, CH_Vitalik, Axeet
Edited: Agus2an

  • Driver
    2014-02-26 18:00
    New def needed! Transmission worng, g_211 ( r_211) ! Engine not 1 - 12.8, 15.6 aso. But a nice truck, mirrors now the same as MPIV! thx
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