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Mercedes Actros MPII v1.0
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Mercedes Actros MPII v1.0

> MegaSpace cab. Cabin in two versions of the baking, depending on the presence of spoilers.
> One chassis 4×2 Long.
> Engines (V6 – from 320 to 480 hp and V8 – from 510 to 650 hp) – 10 options. Tied to their nameplates on the grate and the cockpit.
> PowerShift transmission (+ with retarder).
> Spoiler for the cabin (in the color of the truck and gray). The top part is in two positions.
> Side skirts in two versions, depending on the muffler (in the color of the truck, gray plastic).
> Three versions of silencers, depending on engine power.
> Salon in two versions (standard and wood).
> Interior lighting (Colors: blue, yellow, white, blue, green, red, orange).
> Truck color gloss / metallic. > Own sounds (V6-V8).
> Radiator grille (paint / black plastic).
> Door handles (paint / plastic).
> Decorative details for the cockpit (black)
> Bumper several options depending on the availability of cruise control and plugs (paint / plastic)
> Lower bumper lip in standard version and for V8 (paint / plastic)
> Mirrors (paint / plastic).
> Frontal mirrors: standard from mp2 and from mp3 (paint / plastic).
> Several sun visors (translucent black / green).
> Removable detail of rear wings (for different semi-trailers).
> Protection of headlights in three versions (original mp2, original mp3, protective transparent plastic of yellow color).
> Headlight washers, windscreen at the cockpit door.
> Chrome parts on the bonnet and radiator grille.
> Noise level labels (L, G) as well as “TIR”, “ADR”, “oversize”.
> Various stickers on the hood, visor and roof (Charter Way, TruckStore, Branchen-Information-Center, Truck of the Year 2004, Mercedes-Actros, Der Actros)
> Cover plates for cab wings (two versions: Spatz painted or black)
> Variant of the rear axle under the ultra-wide tire.
> Optional spare wheel or extra tank
> Pack the original discs and tires to them. Several variants of hubs (old and new), hoods. Disks steel / chrome.
> Mod supports DLC Cab accessories, DLC Michelin wheel kit, work package for metal panties.

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    ну ты и у пидор реальный.нахуя ты слили его?
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    Upload by mods_ats
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    No fake
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    Fake Upload by mods_ats-pidoras
  • Amonrada
    2018-01-05 21:43
    converted all pmg's new format(1.30) and fixed errors http://sharemods.com/nxp8mujjz1u1/Mercedes_Actros_MPII_fixed.scs.html
  • Fake
    2018-01-05 22:03
    AMONRADA не пизди файлы как бы ли так и есть,только файл mod_description.txt обновил алеша ебаный
  • Neri
    2018-01-05 22:35
    look inside packet !!!all pmg files are updated idiot !!!!! download link is http://sharemods.com/nxp8mujjz1u1/Mercedes_Actros_MPII_fixed.scs.html
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