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Mercedes Actros MPIV v1.0
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Mercedes Actros MPIV v1.0

Because I did not want to go with an interior the new Actros, which like a bacon rind shine, I have designed it a little on the eyes for me. The model is a "stand alone" and latches automatically into any standard Actros and in a Mod-trucks when it is loaded behind.
There some textures were exchanged, processed material and changed paths. Dashboard and steering wheel now use the same textures and settings, which I think looks a lot better. Overly shiny chrome was removed and replaced by more matte settings. The ghastly veneers the standard version (Wood and Metal) were exchanged. The ubiquitous deep leather structures have been "flattened".

The interior now shines during the day is no longer so, but is not also become dark. At night, the reflections are now significantly lower and the steering wheel and no longer looks like oiled. It now has everything a bit more plastic-charm, but that's a matter of taste anyway.

The veneers of the dashboard and the steering wheel have now the same texture path, which makes the exchange of the texture slightly. The exclusive wood veneer can you change under /texturen/plastic_2.dds under /texturen/dashboard_wood.dds and the bluish standard veneer. The modification has now thus also simultaneously influence on the steering wheel.

Navix (Tollkirsche)

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