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Mercedes-Benz 1519 (TTMODS Rework) (Release)
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Mercedes-Benz 1519 (TTMODS Rework) (Release)

Hello folks
Some day, i saw this truck mod. This is a truck model that i like, besides i've seen some potential in it, so i decided to work on it.
This particular mod is made by jbartarquit. Yet there are some other names that use the exact same exterior model on different mods, so i couldn't find the real guy.. If he contacts me i'll be glad.
-I reworked on both exterior and interior, but heavily on interior.
-Has interior light options in different colors (press O)
-I recommend to select the strongest engine option for optimal gaming.
-Sounds are not that good, so if someone make a good engine sound mod for this truck, that would be great.


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