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Mercedes-Benz Actros MP3 Interior Exterior Rework v1.1
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Mercedes-Benz Actros MP3 Interior Exterior Rework v1.1

- New improved dashboard in HD - reworked symbols, textures, colors, icons, dash panel, lcd display, lcd display symbols;
- Added blue backlight for dashboard and various buttons;
- Added one new mode for windshield wipers and changed current;
- Reworked outside and inside materials for glass and metal parts of truck;
- Vast majority of interior textures changed on HD ones: plastic/fabric/leather/aluminium materials, tachograph, cb-radio, mp3-radio, lamps, floor mats, sleeper etc. Added Fleetboard device;
- Interiors recreated using real life data;
- Improved exterior truck textures: front lights, lateral lights, roof lights, tail lights, various plastic parts, fuel tanks, exhaust system, mirrors, rear mudflaps, grill, schilds, mud guards etc;
- New HD versions of outside interior textures;
- RHD and LHD compatible.

Installation instructions:
1.Extract scs file from downloaded archive to mod folder of ETS2;
2.Open in-game mod manager and enable "MB Actros MP3 2009 Interior/Exterior Rework" mod;

improved more than 90 percent of icons on instrumental panel;
improved digits and symbols on speedometer/tachometer;
reworked lcd display and its symbols (four times higher resolution);
updated interior schilds: actros, trust edition;
updated electronics - improved textures for radio and cb-radio, added fleetboard device;
new texture for cabin ceiling lamps;
updated some interior plastic and leather textures, floor mats now more sharper now;
added blue backlight for dashboard and buttons;
new textures for small parts - speakers, buttons;
added "i love MB" sticker));
added reflections to dashboard glass, windshield, tweaked other interior materials;
added one new mode for wipers, changed delay values for current modes;
Improved front, roof and tail lights (added sharpness, tweaked colors);
improved fuel tanks, muffler/exhaust system (changed texture), mudguards (added shadow) and muflaps (added decorative mb elements);
improved fifth wheel texture a bit;
added mb logo at the bottom of driver/passenger doors;
improved outside look of interior textures - sharper textures, added shadows, tweaked colors a bit;
updated exterior materials for chassis, cabin, schilds and windshield (added light color tint).


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