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Mercedes-Benz Actros 1.21.x
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Mercedes-Benz Actros 1.21.x

– Your interior
– Your sounds
– Lightmask
– Animated Wipers
– All his engines (nameplates attached to the engine)
Version 2.1
– option grille and bumper (plastic,paint)
– Spoiler
Room (any flavor)
– Bed
– 2 curtains in the sleeping bag
– Towels
– Leitbur without arc
(possibility to install additional lights and trumpets without litbara)
– Full support for Cabin Accessories DLC
– Fixes mistakes
– Fixed mirror dead zone
Version 2.5
– Stickers of lights on the side
– Lenti reflectors on the side
tank patrol (behind the cab)
– A new pack of wheels only Mercedes (from 50 keda)
– Lens type headlamps
– The nameplate on the grille “Truck of the year ’97”
– Lamps of the road train
– 2 types of tanks (red and simple servy)
– 4 types of visors (black,green,purple,red)
– 4 types of grids on the lights (black,grey,white,the color of the truck)
– Plastic lining on the side of the cab
– Sun tape on the windshield
– Fixed the Windows and stand in the interior
– Reworked the sounds of air
– Redesigned spoiler
– Dobalina bolts mounts on the cab
– Changed the footpegs to the frame near the cab

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by_Lexa, SCS, Pedro Vendeira, 50 keda

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