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Mercedes-Benz Tourismo 17 SHD
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Mercedes-Benz Tourismo 17 SHD

This bus has its own interior and textures. You can buy it in every Majestic dealer.

ETS2 1.13.x and 1.14.x

Comodore, Cenker and Cebinetstar

  • Tracto
    2014-11-24 06:30
    Se podrĂ¡ manejar
  • Thiago
    2014-11-25 04:48
  • Dewi
    2014-12-03 18:10
    makasih, ijin download ya,...http://foseha.blogspot.com/2014/11/10-kesalahan-dalam-memulai-sebuah-bisnis-online.html
  • Mathi
    2014-12-13 07:03
    Iam not able downlode the game so send the euro truck best game
  • Aziz
    2014-12-13 08:54
    apasih mode dari bus dan mobil
  • Buslover
    2014-12-19 13:54
    This is otherwise very nice BUT it doesnt fit to tollbooths so you cant get trough toll roads, when that will be fixed, itll be awesome. Love to drive this even though its very challengin in city centrums.
  • Yogesh
    2015-02-04 15:01
    Hi,Can you give me Right Hand Side steering wheel bus mod.Your mods are awesome,I Like all of your mods.Give me some bus mods with Right Hand Steering wheel
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