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Mercedes-Benz Travego 15-17 SHD V3.5 1.18.X
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Mercedes-Benz Travego 15-17 SHD V3.5 1.18.X

Model: SKMN
Tracks: Don't Know
Edit: Yusuf Ateş
-Added Cabin two
-Glass Skin Can Be Done
-Added New Wheels
-İnterioru Cockpit light added
-Added twenty-four Parts
-Mirror 15-17 SHD smoothed
-Added Horn
-Fixed Needle Speed
-Film error
-Pointer speed low error
-Added New Dashboard
-Fix the terminals
-Added steering wheel
Note: Travego 15-17 SHD mirror sets. Cab and Chassis, İnterior, select window and paint the template. But the standard Color. WinRAR Scs lock.!.!
Note: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz15 SHD. zip Delete


  • Comodore
    2015-07-04 13:29
    http://sharemods.com/6xddyfcbp7h9/Mercedes-Benz_15-17_SHD_v3.5.rar.html link updated !!!
  • Jonas
    2015-07-05 11:11
    Ahm I dont understant how to unzip this file,please say how.
  • Comodore
    2015-07-06 01:54
    15-17 SHD threw a copy editor and lock mode.
  • Yashwanth
    2015-07-08 18:18
    how to unzip the file.............?
  • Mohamad
    2015-09-27 09:37
    You can not open the zip file???
  • Ebrahim
    2015-12-08 09:23
    hi,this mod need password, Please put it on the sitetnx
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