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Mercedes MP2 v1.26
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Mercedes MP2 v1.26

1 cabin
6 chassis
1 engine with its sound
2 Gearbox
its wheels
Its interior
It supports painting in metallic
A lot of tuning

Changes in the update:
Adaptation for 1.26
Fixed registration wheels,
Added in quick job (version 4x2 and 6x4)
Fixed bugs
Added in Gallery
Added advanced coopling
Support DLC Cabin Accessories and DLC National Window Flags

Log clean! Version 1.26

Author: Vinzel, Phantom94, vovangt4

  • Donn
    2017-03-06 21:34
    Nice truck .. But foward tires don't touch road/soil.
  • Donn
    2017-03-06 21:36
    * forward tires
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