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Metallic Paints - Free DLC coming soon!
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Metallic Paints - Free DLC coming soon!

For a while we have been working on enhanced system of truck paint shaders allowing for flip paint with metallic layer.

The new effect will be available alongside the standard truck paints in paint shop color selection options. It is quite a bit more sophisticated paint shader with wider setup options.

The color supports flip paint effect with metallic layer.

With this effect, the paint can combine up to 3 customizable colors which are shifting into prominence based on viewing angle.

Custom metallic paints support will be available in the next patch. It will be accompanied by a free DLC containing several ready-made paint jobs which use new effect and some additional tricks for maximum effect.

This is our way of saying thanks to all of you for your ongoing support. Once it is released, you'll receive a message via upcoming World of Trucks Event system with your Steam activation code.

We hope to wrap up the tweaking and testing of all trucks within the next couple of weeks, so you could enjoy this 1.10 feature soon as well.

Viktor Avdejev

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