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Metallic Skin for ScaniaR v1.0
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Metallic Skin for ScaniaR v1.0

This skin was made by Gordon Gekko
and is for the Scania Streamline Mod by RJL.
The skin is a metallic skin and the colors are changeable.
If you want to load up this skin to other websites,
use only the original download link.
Have fun with this skin.
Regards Gordon Gekko

Skin by Gordon Gekko

  • Gordon gekko
    2015-04-04 09:31
    Hello Thomas,Please remove the Modhub-Download link from this Mod. You can use this Mod, but only with original DL.Thank you. Best Regards Gordon Gekko
  • Sire
    2015-04-04 09:42
    thanks for free download w/o uploaded :)
  • Gordon gekko
    2015-04-04 17:55
    Thanks for respecting my work @SireYou, Thomas and others on this site are the reason why there are no good mods from people like Roadhunter, Micha-BF3 etc. for public at this time.The most mods, you can find for public, are shit.So you can use the shit you will find, but it was free...
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