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MHAPro 1.26 Together with the DLC France 1.26.x - 1.26.2s
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MHAPro 1.26 Together with the DLC France 1.26.x - 1.26.2s

An updated version of MHAPro cards for patch 1.26.
It adapted to work in conjunction with the DLC Vive la France
Without DLC France does not work !!
Also required DLC East + DLC North
Version works without DLC France
The Mod Manager of the 01-05 connected in order from bottom to top (bottom 01)
Test 1.26.2.s with DLC Vive La France

- SCS Team
- ProMods - thanks to Nico's Mc Donalds and IKEA
- MsHeavyAlex - map models, prefab companies and some signs
- Aneya (Alex daughter), some models and signs with zModeler
- HOLLYWOOD sign in LA (credit to Aradeth)

  • Frank00
    2016-12-08 23:49
    Not an official release of the creator Ales can you remove it?
  • Don


    2016-12-09 00:51
    yuh was about to say the same thing alex has made the mha maps a long time now not whoever redid her or his work
  • Vlad1203
    2016-12-11 12:28
    Скачать одним архивом с СЖО Франция - http://sharemods.com/rx2x2donp4ly/MHAPro_1_26_map_MOD_for_ETS2_v1_26_x.7z.html Скачать одним архивом без ДЛЦ Франция - http://sharemods.com/u3qiy0zq8s48/MHAPro_1_26_map_MOD_for_ETS2_v1_26_x.7z.html
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