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MHAPro map EU 2.3.1 ETS2 v1.23.x
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MHAPro map EU 2.3.1 ETS2 v1.23.x

ETS2 - MHAPro EU 2.3.1 (Compatible with 1.23.x None-steam and Steam and higher):

1. fixed whole map for version 1.23.x
2. rebuild some 50% Routes which didnt work in new version
3. redesigned some companies in map
4. invisible compnies are now visible
5. prepared everything for next update with new city
6. fixed some small problems in map

7. fixed Billboards -  brightness, luminosity 

Heavy Alex

  • Heavyalex
    2016-04-22 16:50
    So, finaly, here it is my map for ETS2 v.1.23.x ... if you will find some problem on map, contact me on my mail :[email protected] in playingAlex
  • Heavyalex
    2016-04-22 16:54
    By my mistake I put videos from ATS map ... sorry on that Alex
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