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MHAPro map EU v2.3
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MHAPro map EU v2.3

ETS2 - MHAPro EU 2.3. (Compatible with 1.22.x None-steam and Steam and higher): 
1. new highway road A30 in UK , from Plymouth to Exeter and N.Tawton (UK)
2. new big cross to Exeter
4. new city Exeter (UK)
    - company  Sag_tre
    - company RCIC
    - company Gradis
    - company Roadwork
5.redesign road from Warszawa (PL) to Lublin (PL)
    - with new gas station
6. new company Lublin (PL)
    - agronord
7. new cross on highway M5 with conection road to Exeter (UK)
8. new connection from city Utrecht (NL) on highway A2
9. new part of highway A2 in Nederland from cross with Rotterdam and Utrecht (NL) to A'dam (NL)
10. new big highway cross in front of A'dam (NL) - A2-A4-A7
11. fixed lights on Toll gate near Venezia (I)
12. highway A2 in Nederland is finished .. connection from south to A'dam (NL)
13. redesign road from Bergen (N) to connection to other roads
14. some new places on the same road from Bergen (N) to Oslo
    - new gas station
    - new parking places
15. new small city Suldalsosen (N)
    - company MHA service
    - company RCIC
    - company Euroacres
16. 2x new big crosses in front of Rotterdam (NL)
17. new small city - village Markhus (N)
    - company Nord crown
18. new parking places on some North companies which are not in town center
19. new 3x gas stations around Koln (D)
20. new small city Brig (CH)
    - company Fastrans
    - company Sag_tre
    - company BHV
21. companies McDonalds and Burgerking have from now on output delivery too
22. new city Sierra (CH)
    - company Burgerking
    - company RCIC
    - company MHA servis
23. other small problems, bugs, my old mistakes etc
24. fixed old MAT data in my MOD

Heavy Alex

  • Heavyalex
    2016-02-19 20:19
    Because of 5 part download links ... I cant share here all downloads links ... so I put in just like download link my Blog page where are all my 5 parts downloads ;) ... thank you to all who support me !Alex
  • Wolf
    2016-02-19 23:44
    whether the card works without Scandinavia ?
  • Portegies
    2016-02-20 22:21
    HEAVYALEXDownload fileMHAPro_map_EU_2.2.2._for_ETS2_ver122x_-Part_1.rar [3.2 MB]STEP 1: Click button below and download MHAPro_map_EU_2.2.2._for_ETS2_ver122x_-Part_1.rar:No 2.3 !!! What I aanklik, including five individual files are all 2.2 version
  • Space cam
    2016-04-16 21:27
    do this map works with tsm?
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