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MHAPro v1.26.5 with DLC France 1.26.x - 1.26.4s
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MHAPro v1.26.5 with DLC France 1.26.x - 1.26.4s

The updated version of Maps with MHAPro v1.26.5 DLC France for patch 1.26

Version 1.26.5:
(1) The new settlement Paluel.
- Company nos_pat_cf
- Company Roadwork
(2) was returned to the good old city of Dieppe.
- Company Gradis
- Company ITTC
- The company Maxilla
- Company E.Leclerc
- Company Tradeux
- Company Service MHAPro
- Company ConCargo
(3) New roads and communications between cities.
(4) The new road from Dieppe to Le Havre.
(5) The new town of Cany-Barville (F).
    - Company dans_jardin
    - Company car-service
(6) Returned of Auxerre.
    - Company Sawmill
    - The company Maxilla Transport
    - Company Europe
    - Company Fueltrans
    - Company Roadwork
(7) Changed the port of Rostock.
(8) The construction of the highway between Le Havre and Cany-Barville.
(9) The new port in Le Havre.
(10) New Town Issoudun:
    - Company Leclerc
(11) The new ring road Zwickau (D).
(12) The new filling stations in Roermond (NL).
(13) North Tawton (UK):
    - Company food_service
(14) The errors, doctored models and prefabs.

Without "DLC France", "DLC East" and "the DLC Northne" will not work !!!

Test versions 1.26.x - 1.26.4s

Author Heavy Alex

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