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Michelin Expensive Garage v2.0
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Michelin Expensive Garage v2.0

Fixed and reedited Michelin expensive garage

Whats New?

-Removed logo from walls (because its mirorred)
-Changed logo on blue garage doors
-Changed Micheline man from back side of garage
-Fixed color of G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6
-Changed door texture on back side
-Changed windows texture on back side
-Added Micheline entrance wall
-Small fixes
(Interior coming soon may in next version)


  • Raul
    2017-04-08 14:33
    Nice Garage please (Interior coming soon may in next version) to nice as well
  • Icemandfr
    2017-04-08 23:23
    Thanks for the fix
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