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Mod Maker J 0.9.3 (Java Version)
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Mod Maker J 0.9.3 (Java Version)

Well I finally got it ready for release and there is a couple of known issues,
sometimes there is a problem extracting scs archive, at times it fails but I get no error to track the problem. All other features including the password function are working, the Java version is up to date with the Windows Version 0.9.3, maybe a little ahead.
Mod Maker J installs to the same location as Mod Maker so you won’t have two folders with the same app. The desktop link will be Mod Maker J.
I really need the community to tell me if they have access errors when trying to do anything, copying, deleting, activating a Mod. I have had none of these but they are a game breaker so please let me know if any access problems pop up.
Other than that have fun! Happy Modding..

As usual check out http://haulinmods.com/modmaker for latest news and updates, while you are there let me know any issues or suggestions for features that you have.


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