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Mod Maker Std
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Mod Maker Std

Create, Edit Mods for ETS 2
Import folders and files into Mod
Diff files to see differences
Create SCS Archives ti use Mods
Create zip to use for uploading / downloading
Automatically copy Mod to Game Mod Folder
Extract all Game encrypted scs archives by point and click, no command line
much more

see http://haulinmods.com/modmaker website for news, help file and downloads
This release brings a lightweight std application, it has several changes to the internal code not too much on the outside.
It has a enhanced importing system, copy – paste, Main Definition importer that now allows you to choose what file to view. Operation is the same only imports on Save or Save As.
Mod Maker now makes the scs archive if it does not find one for Activate Mod, Create Zip.
The Diff Tool has been added to the right click menu so you can check the Mod file against the Original file.
Old version Merge archives are not compatible with this release.
Added automatic and a manual update checker.
All the other changes are internal code optimizations.

As usual all news and Downloads are available at the Mod Maker Website.


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