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Mod Maker v0.8.4
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Mod Maker v0.8.4

Mod Maker ver 0.8.4
Edit, Create Mods for ETS 2.
Create .scs file and copy to Game Mod folder
Copy any Mod to Game Mod folder
Create .zip for upload
Extract Base, def and dlc files
Extract community Mods
Internal Editors for all files except .pmd, .pmg . dds
Import files and folders into Mod
Mod Merge with hash and Diffmerge checking
Two different Mod listings – Tree style, List style
Full Help file – Master file is Online so you do not have to upgrade to get latest

More – see features and news at http://haulinmods.com/modmaker
Please post feedback on any issues you find – at Mod Maker Website.

Download and extract installer, uninstall any previous version.

0.8.4 additions

Added New Internal Editor
Added Copy, Cut and Paste to new internal editor
Added Text Highlighting to new internal editor
Added File Delete in right click menu for new internal editor and List style viewer
Added List Refresh for List style viewer
Added Mod Refresh for Main screen
Added a Cargo Creator
Added Log File Viewer
Added ability to edit the AI Traffic
Added Mod Maker Updater


Raihan Kibria for Frhed Hex editor version 1.6.0 Stable. (6-25-2009 Release date), Source Gear for DiffMerge, Pavel Torgashov for the FastColoredTextBox ,SCS for ETS 2, DieHard

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