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Mod Melhorias Avancadas v2.8
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Mod Melhorias Avancadas v2.8

What’s new:
Version 2.8 – 09.22.2016
• European Fuel updated 9/19/2016.
• Corrections in several Def’s files for greater compatibility.
• Fix the AI ​​traffic headlight for current Def’s.
• Eurolines now with name and official logo.
• Real names for Fjord Line and Stena Line ships.
• Fuel stations now have the updated values ​​tables.
• Realistic Sound Weather v1.7.7 (intense rain, fog, sounds more realistic rays).
• The Polaris Lines company is officially Stena Line.
• Changes Victor refrigerator to refrigerator trailer Schwarzmüller in DLC: Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack.
• Real Logos for heavy equipment added in charge DLC High Power Cargo Pack.
• Added all kinds trailer paintjobs and traffic loads.
• Adjusted spawning values ​​of various AI vehicle for variety.
• The maximum speed set several AI vehicles to more realistic values.
• Motor torque adjusted several AI trucks to more realistic values.
• Weight set to AI trailers based on load files.
• Certain customization parts are limited to the correct configuration (eg. V8 sideskirts / interior, Volvo roof decals will be available only with the combination motor / correct cab).
• Various fixes / improvements to the first and fast work trucks.
• exact engine names for the Mercedes-Benz Actros (OM 501 / OM 502 instead of V6 / V8).
• Fixed texture “400” emblem of MAN.
• Realistic reverse gear ratios for the ZF AS Tronic (DAF, Iveco, MAN), Mercedes and gearboxes Renault / Volvo.
• unused paintjobs are used by trailer in traffic.
• Added not used for cargo transport.
• bricks and concrete loads are added to the transport.
• Added real logos for various AI vehicles.
• Changes Crown trailer liveries for Krone.
• Removed sounds of traffic due to some conflicts.
• Removed Green Navigation, colorful GPS.
• Removed Colour Map, colorful world map.
• Removed transmission of 14 speeds Volvo and Scania.
• All Trucks now have new transmissions of 18 speeds.
• Volvo and Scania now have new transmissions of 22 speeds.
• Transmissions 16 speeds upgraded to DAF, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes-Benz.
• Transmissions 12 speeds updated for all Trucks.
• The cost of hiring a driver is now R $ 1,200 reais.
• Fixed issue with super high fine to stick red light.
• Removed the name of actual loads, eminent conflict when trying to change the language.
• Adjusted values ​​in Bank loans with more realistic interest percentage.
• Extreme Physics Alpha. (Version 2.0).

Developer: Elvis Amorim GA
MOD Version: 2.8
Game Version:

Author: Elvis Amorim GA

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