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Mod of Graphic Improvements in 4k v1.3.2.6
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Mod of Graphic Improvements in 4k v1.3.2.6

New graphical improvements:
- new LED lighting colors and stella in the streetlights at night.
- the weather without boom.
- new skins and textures the darker vegetation.
- new skins and textures of streets, roads.
- new skins and textures in the panels of gas stations in quality.
- new sking and textures at service stations.
- new sking and textures in the hotels.
- new removes fears and barriers on the roads.
- new textures and improvements of the rain, the biggest and fastest drops in the crystals and falls.
- new improvements in the weather more real schedules in different climates of europe.

AI traffic: NO STELLS in the vehicles.
Compatible with Promods 2.26 and SCS

MG Media Graphics, SCS

  • Fake
    2018-03-12 20:01
    FAKE,WARNING!!!VIRUS! upload by Cruise=DALBAYOB
  • Mods_ats
    2018-03-12 20:46
    Work fine !!!
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