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Momo's Physics 2 22.06.17
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Momo's Physics 2 22.06.17

This mod is designed for people who seek realistic truck driving experience. It may not suit people who usually enjoy arcade style experience.
- Realistic cabin mass and cabin movement.
- Realistic front suspension behavior.
- Realistic driver seat movement ( Up and Down ).

1. If you already subscribed this mod version 1 , Deactivate version 1.
2. Enable the "Camera Physics" from the option menu and slide the bar all the way to the RIGHT.
3. In the Mod Manager menu , place this mod on the TOP priority.
4. Set the "Trailer Stability" to zero ( slide all the way to the LEFT)

1. This mod is made from game patch 1.27. It may work with earlier game patches but the effect may be reduced due to SCS has changed the physics files. So it is highly recommended to use with patch 1.27.
2. Can work with some modded trucks that do NOT have their own chassis.
3. CanNOT work with other physics mods or suspension mods.
4. Can work with any map and DLC.


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    2017-06-22 17:10
    That`s realistic? Maybe for a toy car!!!
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