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Momo's Physics 5.0.4 1.28.x
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Momo's Physics 5.0.4 1.28.x

Changes v5.0.4:
- Increased driver seat's air suspension sensitivity slightly to better simulate real life's seat.
- Added compatibility for Renault Range T (Polatli's mod, Not RTA's)

From one of the most experienced physics modders, modder of Physics 1, 2, 3, 4 and now the pride and the ultimate Physics 5, taking ETS2 to another level of realism.
This is a completly new physics mod built from scratch, not a rework of my previous released mods. This mod contains totally new and different formula from the previous ones.
- Made from game patch 1.28 - fully compatible.
- Fully compatible with all original SCS trucks.
- Fully compatible with RJL Scania.
- Fully compatible with Maz 5440 A8 (Do not use with the tent)
- Fully compatible with Polatli's Renault Range T (Not RTA's mod, please don't confuse make sure it's Polatli's Renault)
- NOT compatible with any other physics mod.
- NOT compatible with any other mod that deals with truck weight, chassis, seat, suspension, steering, brake.
- NOT compatible with any other modded trucks. (will add Big Stars, Madster, Ohana in future updates)
- Give this mod TOP priority above all other mods.
- Enable "Physics Camera" and slide its bar to max.
- "Trailer Stability" set to min.
- You may need to test to re-adjust the steering sensitivity/non linearity depending on your controller.
- For 900 degree wheels, 0% sensitivity and 0 - 5% non-linearity.
- For 270 degree wheels, 50% sensitivity and 100% non-linearity.
- "Braking intensity" recommended at 15 - 30% for Logitech Steering Wheels.
- For users who use a keyboard or joypad to steer, you may need to test and re-adjust the scale.
If you want to experience even smoother and less twitchy steering, do the following:
1. Find a file named "Control.txt" in your profile folder (My document > Euro Truck > Profile). And copy it to a safe place just in case. If you don't like the change you can take the old file back.
2. Open the file, find a line that says :
"mix steering `dsteering - (pow(normalize(abs(sel(c_jisteer, -j_steer?0, j_steer?0)), c_steer_dz), (1.0 + c_steer_func * 0.5)) * sign(sel(c_jisteer, -j_steer?0, j_steer?0)))`"
3. Replace that line with the following line:
"mix steering `dsteering - (0.58 * normalize(abs(j_steer?0), c_steer_dz) + (0.42 * (c_steer_func / 2)) * pow(normalize(abs(j_steer?0), c_steer_dz), 4)) * sign(sel(c_jisteer, -j_steer?0, j_steer?0))`"
4. Save the file. And run the game normally.
5. Set the "non-linearity" 100% "sensitivity" 0% and adjust from there to suit you.
6. It's done. Drive and see if you like the new steering.
This formula makes your steering wheel act like a 1080 degree wheel (real life truck). This formula works best with 900 degree wheels like G25/G27/G29.


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