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Momo's Physics v6.0 1.28.x
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Momo's Physics v6.0 1.28.x

Since ETS2 is such an amazing game/simulator that i love, so i would not give up after my previous 5 different physics mods (that are ok). I secretly worked and tested Physics 6 for over a month in hope to bring the most realistic physics mod as far as possible in all aspects. So i even studied some geometry calculation of cars and trucks by myself just to make this mod. And finally i (think I) have beaten the steering issues and am confident enough to share.

Do you know that :
- Real life trucks have a turning radious (or turning circle) of 12.8 meters while vanilla ETS2 trucks have only 8.75 meters ?
- Real life trucks' steering wheel can turn 4.9 turns lock to lock while your conventional 900 degree wheel can turn only 2.5 turns ?
- ETS2 vanilla trucks have a steering ratio of only 12: 1 (minimum for standard cars) while real life trucks have a lot higher ratio ?
- Those are the causes of ETS2's steering problem ?

- Turning circle 11.5 meters (real life trucks' 12.8).
- Realistic steering ratio close to real life cars without using "Non Lineraity" and without causing understeering.
- Smooth and precise steering close to real life cars without sacrificing anything.
- Realistic cabin, seat movement.
- Realistic wheel suspensions (rear suspension is made softer to encourage cabin's movement)
- Realistic cabin & suspension behavior when braking (the nose heavily pushed towards the ground when you apply max brake with a heavy trailer attached).
- Realistic leaning to left & right when you take a sharp turn.
- This mod does not add much weight to the vanilla, it only adds a ton necessary to encourage the cabin & suspension behavior. So the weight is still close to real life trucks.


In order to experience the full effect, you MUST do exactly this:

* This setting is only for 900 degree wheel users.
* For joypad/keyboard users, you need to try on your own.

- 100 % Steering sensitivity
- 0% Non linearity (can be increased a little if you desire, up to 25%)
- 0% Trailer Stability
- 100% Camera physics
- Give this mod the top priority.
- Your steering wheel bundle software 50% sensitivity.

- Patch 1.28 compatible and may so for some older.
- All SCS's trucks
- RJL Scania R
- RTA Renault Range T
- More modded trucks coming in the future


  • Momo
    2017-11-13 18:31
  • Adkz
    2017-11-13 23:57
    the mod does not appear in the mod manager, can you fix it
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