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Monster Energy Pack v4.0
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Monster Energy Pack v4.0

Added & Fixed:
– Interior Green Light (Press “O” button)
– Added new interior textures and gadgets
– Changed headlight lowbeam & hibeam to green color
– Small fixes
– Added few small things on front window nothing important
– Added fixed Open Pipe Sound
– Added back 1000hp & 6Gears
– Fixed interior dashboard light
– Added laptop
– Added phone
– Added white bear
– Added tollgate gadgets
– Added highfive Monster Energy on window
– Added small logo on window
– Added coffee
– Added sunglasses

– Mercedes Benz wheels (removed because crash game)
– Front Grills (remove because missing texture)
– Removed few small tobj files and other things which crash game

Not changed:
– Skin is same like v2 & v3
– All other things from v2 & v3 is same

If you have any problem with mod than deactivate all engine mods and light mods.

Author: BLiNKT

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