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More buttons on menus
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More buttons on menus

Just browsing through the files & discovered...

Added more buttons to menus to suit myself because i had nothing else important to do. I will share but i warn you i am not a scripter, i monkey see monkey do :lol:
There is one bug i have come across, the quick key for the main/world map does not bring you back into the cab, press ESC or the Drive button, i have no idea why but i can live with it.

I have added the Drive button, main menu button & world map button to all menus & a few extra buttons to the world map as you can see in the pics below. I have not seen any of these files used in the mods i have come across so there should be no conflictions with other mods... hopefully.

another bug: Cannot type when saving game.
bug fixed but there is no Drive button on save menu. Redownload the mod. Should i give it version numbers? ESC would not work in one of the menus before but i forget what menu, i will find it soon.


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