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Morozov Express v6.6
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Morozov Express v6.6

Map checked only ETS_2_Map_12.0

Added 11 cities
It changed the status of Crimea
Use in place Map_Morozov_Express_6.3 map

Do not connect the two maps at the same time!

The order file is located in the manager the same as for

Credits: valera_t, morozov, voldemar56

  • Cruise
    2016-12-05 20:57
    Game crash. Don't download. Uploader mods_ats. Fake 100%.
  • Kosmos
    2016-12-05 21:19
    Карта работает только с MarioMap 12.0
  • Cruise
    2016-12-05 22:03
    Не работает она ни с какой картой - вылет.
  • Albert
    2016-12-06 13:13
    This mod does not work with mario map v12.0ce mod ne fonctionne pas avec mario map v12.0
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