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Morozov map v7.0 (1.27)
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Morozov map v7.0 (1.27)

Map of Morozov 7.0 (The map works only with his Mario map 12.3 for Morozov 7.0)
The bugs of the previous version have been fixed.
Added seven cities in Russia and one in Turkey.
The order of installation in the manager according to the screenshot
Who uses the mod for graphics or weather,
You need to disable the file rus.climate.sii, the file is in
Folder map, you can disable it like this: rus.climate.sii

Authors of the map: Valera.T. Pavel Morozov. Vladimir I.
Authors of the map of Turkey: Scaniaman6106. Dogukan_k61
Dogukan_k61, Karsa, furkan61, UMTKRZ.mbb27,
LmazEFSANE - Levent lmaz.

  • Morozov
    2017-07-18 23:59
  • Ets2ats_modder
    2017-07-19 00:00
    I'm mods_ats
  • Michael
    2017-07-19 09:10
    Now we will know. Ets2ats_modder this fly5656
  • Molivos
    2017-07-19 17:22
    any time ...crash to desktop .... ΄-((
  • John
    2017-07-19 17:29
    I even dont try this..Mario map ( Original ) is full with bugs since the last update.I wait for the update from mario ( probaly a v1.28 version ) Rumours are 1.28 is in beta this or next week
  • Kikegas
    2017-07-19 23:42
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