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Motley Crue Tribute Pack 1.0
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Motley Crue Tribute Pack 1.0

A pack of 12+1 trailers skinned in tribute of rock band Motley Crue. 12 trailers represent 12 albums released by the band. the 13th commemorates their farewll tour of 2015. Please do not redistribute without my permision. If you have any comments/complaints, please share them with me. [email protected] 

Ed Marguglio Jr - coinman72 - [email protected]

  • John
    2015-02-04 14:50
    AWESOME!!! I would love one dedicated to KISS
  • Coinman72
    2015-07-05 06:54
    Thank you, John! I haven't gotten around to making a KISS set yet. I'll keep you posted if i do.
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