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[MP] New Trailer Double Configurations (and more) v1.0
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[MP] New Trailer Double Configurations (and more) v1.0

So, what is this mod, you might ask.
This mod adds a crapton of new B-double trailer combos, allows flatbed to be used in doubles (both types), adds aero trailer in B-double (not customisable except wheels), some triple trailer configs and
adds and allows for some accesories for trailers which normally cannot be used on them.

This mod is also (in theory, can’t test yet) useable with TruckersMP’s Multiplayer Mod.
You can enable this mod, buy whatever you need for your trailer, and disable the mod again and everything you bought still works.

Single Trailers:
2 Axles [B] B-Trailer
2 Axles Spread [B] B-Trailer
3 Axles [B] B-Trailer
3 Axles Steer [B] B-Trailer

3 Axle Standard trailer with rear hook

2 Axles [B] + 3 Axles Standard
2 Axles [B] + 3 Axles Spread
2 Axles [B] + 3 Axles Rear Wheel Steering
2 Axles [B] + 3 Axles Aero (Aero trailer does not support paintjobs, and does not allow for any customisation except wheels)

3 Axles [B] + 2 Axles Spread

3 Axles [B] + 3 Axles Rear Wheel Steering

2 Axles [B] + 2 Axles [B] + 3 Axles Standard
3 Axles [B] + 3 Axles [B] + 3 Axles Standard

B-Double + Drawbar Trailer:
3 Axles [B] + 3 Axles Standard + 2 Axles Spread Center Axle Trailer

All B-Double and Semi Trailer + Drawbar Trailer Doubles are available with flatbed options for the semi trailer ONLY. These are available as a body selection for the BOX trailers, NOT the flatbed.
These flatbed configurations have one flatbed trailer and one box trailer of your choice and transports flatbed loads only. Cargo is visible on the flatbed.

To use special accesories, select the point at the front trailer, select the accesory you want (for example rear beacon) and the REMOVE or replace the selected point again.
Otherwise, you will not be able to buy the trailer. This is a system based on Forerunner’s Additional Customisation Mod for trucks and works basically in the same way.

It is your own responsibility to follow the rules set by the TruckersMP team if using this mod in multiplayer.


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    Shit link. Can't download this file...
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    Every user can download except you??! Come on get away with this manipulation
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    same problem i am having to can't download junk what fucking waste of time
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    2 out of 120? I could download this mod, so either you have problems with your adblocker or you aren't able to use your PC
  • Smaen
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    THIS MOD IS STOLEN! Original link: https://sharemods.com/njkdkf7ifjl7/ETS2_New_Trailer_Configs_By_Smaen.zip.htmlTake this down!
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