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MsHeavyAlex mod map EU v1.3
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MsHeavyAlex mod map EU v1.3

ETS2 - MsHeavyAlex mod map EU 1.3. (Compatible with 1.9.22.):
1. new crosses and roads in Southampton (UK)
2. new company Maxilla in Southampton (UK)
3. new company Fastrans in Southampton (UK)
4. new company Transport21 in Southampton (UK)
5. fixed small problems with garage in some citites

Download this map and Replace it with old one. I fixed all new problem which players found. This release it is with all data in one place and you must just download it and replace with old data in there.

ETS 2 Map with Heavy Alex

  • Kevin
    2014-04-01 04:04
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    thanks this is outstanding would be better if you could add spain Sweden etc but its brilliant!!
  • Kevin
    2014-04-01 04:18
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    ahhh I went to daf at Amsterdam and it crashed to desktop was well enjoying this aswell :(
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