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Multi Mod v1.0 By BLiNKT
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Multi Mod v1.0 By BLiNKT

-Economy data
-Police data
-Game data

Economy changes:
Changed garage price to 200000
Changed garage upgrade price to 120000
Changed fuel discount to 50%
Changed truck count for online to 1
Changed driver hire coast to 830
Changed driver skill to 1.8
Changed revenue per km to 100
Changed free roam report to 50
and some other small changes

Police changes:
Car crash 200
Avoid sleeping 150
Wrong way 500
Speeding(camera) 550
No lights 150
Red light 300
Speeding 550
Changed offence check delay
Changed message delay to lower from 4.0 to 2.0 message now show only 2 second

Game data changes:
No truck damage
No trailer damage

Mod by BLiNKT
Mod version v1.0

maybe in next version...

-New police offence price
-New changes in economy
-something new ;)

Mod by BLiNKT

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