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New Actros Plastic Parts and More
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New Actros Plastic Parts and More

Changelog: Update to v1.27
• 4×2 low chassis
• 6×2/4 taglift chassis
• Newly added plastic or painted variant for a lot of parts.
• Halogen headlights
• Optional working fog lights
• Optional DRL
• Paintable Mercedes Star variant
• Illuminating Mercedes Star option
• Orange variant for lights on the cabin top
• Chrome addons for the grills
• Accessory slots on the front
• Red led slots on the back on the cabin
• Slots for horns and beacons for all type of roof grills on all types of cabins
• Removable top of rear fenders and painted variants for all chassis
• Painted sunshields
• Full decal support for the windshield and the door windows
• Light slots for Twister and Glower front bars
• Two tank size
• Optional side antenna
• Katana sideskirt bar for all chassis variants
• Added Flags DLC support
• Plastic fender addon (created by WrittenExample)
• Chassis plate (Ported from Mighty Griffin DLC)
• Rear mudflaps (Ported from Mighty Griffin DLC)
• Others may not in the list

davidzoli, Flemming V and Capital, amonrada

  • Guest
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    mods_ats - проверяй моды, прежде чем выкладывать, баран безмозглый !!!
  • Amonrada
    2017-06-16 09:55 Send message
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    hi trucker's here link latest real main mod http://uploadfiles.eu/gt5b7z799ob9/new_actros_pack.zip.html and if you want use wood parts for interior http://uploadfiles.eu/zortce9f8dqt/wood_parts.zip.html
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