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New background in menu and workshop v1.1
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New background in menu and workshop v1.1

Mod changes background in menu, workshop, trailer and truck browser
In v1.1 I add road and buildings around garage.
Tested and working on v1.12


  • Guest
    2014-08-17 09:53
  • Bennekeben
    2014-08-22 08:40
    Hi satan,Im bennekeben, im also using this mod of u but i want to inform you that there is a Bug init that Lowers my FPS hard.Where is this bug ? When u are upgrading a truck and at the interior selection.What happens ? when u selected the interiors and look outside u can see it appear behind the buildings.once i move my mouse to look around my fps stutters and i get about 15fps.this isnt really disturbing but i thought i would mention it an
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