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New company V1.19
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New company V1.19

New Company V1.19
Tested Version 1.19.x
Compatible with all DLC
Credits: Dombro, Faelandaea, Fred_be
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Credits: Dombro, Faelandaea, Fred_be

  • Theosz
    2015-08-19 02:20
    Thx for updating, Fred_beit is possible updating also gas stations for who has Scandinavia? (for replacing Oil Gas Stations and maybe others that exists.thx
  • Fredbe
    2015-08-19 10:04
    Hello Theosz,I would if I find the mod
  • Turboiron
    2015-08-25 22:16
    Careful! Russians are coming - somewhere in Austria, or France appear Magnit company ... Very bad mod
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