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New D-Tec Trailer
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New D-Tec Trailer

New D-Tec Trailer edited by Big T. The D-Tec Combi Trailer model is taken from ETS1.. same model as Igor & samson ‘s model.. but there was some details, that i wasnt happy with on their D-Tec Trailer + their trailer is also just a skin over allready existing ingame trailer.. My D-Tec Combi Trailer is 100% standalone + it is added to the ingame AI trucks.. I gave the D-Tec Combi Trailer its real weight on 14t in front and 19t in back (14+19t) 33ton in total.. i added the real adr sign for the cargo: Hydrogen Peroxide 58/2014.. I gave the real D-Tec logos on the trailer..

Tested the trailer in + DLC east

Author: Big T

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