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New Man Lion’s City 1.39
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New Man Lion’s City 1.39

What’s in our vehicle?
– Door, Driver window, Ceiling Glass animation
21 pieces of the ski-Turkey’s yl
-Skin support
-Real engine sound adapted with Fmod
-3 engine options
Ceiling lighting
-Modified options
-Self special alcoa rim
-Complete ao thrown
-The coating is not used, each part is drawn in 3D exactly
-CNG (gas) option available
Editing and editing is strictly prohibited! If it is broken and edited, legal action will be initiated.

Model : Can Skmn
Convert & Edit : Polat Yıldıran
Düzenlemeler : Burak Yılmaz & Comodore(Alperen39)
Bazı Parçalar : Mehmet Yıldır
Skin&Logo : Abdullah Zengin & Yusuf Temel

Polat Yıldıran

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