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New map symbols v1.1
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New map symbols v1.1

A small Standalonemod where I have the following signs changed (on Navi and card):
road_port_overlay.dds: Ferry
road_quarry.dss: Quarry
road_toll_ico.dss: toll
road_train_ico.dss: Euro Tunnel
dealer_ico.dss: dealer
gas_ico.dds: Gas Station
parking_ico.dss: Parking
recruitment_ico: Arbeitsamt
service_ico.dds: Repair

Should one of the mentioned not like to finish game and easy to SCS (best with Winrar) Remove the named file. So it is reset.
The signs I've even (usually Wikipedia) retrieved from the Internet. However, there is a possibility that it overlaps with other mods (like images, etc.).
Will you even change the files following to thank:
must be with an compression DXT5 DDS
must be exactly 32x32 large (transparency is one of them)


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