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New Prefab v4.0 1.23
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New Prefab v4.0 1.23

Is compatible with all map tested 1.23.x

This mod adding:
– New big garage open doors
– New big, small truck dealers open doors
– New service
– New Otel
– New Recruitment agency
– New Gas station Small
– All The Service Staff

Respect download link! Thanks!

Scs, Xnoxs, Blade1974, Ghostlord

  • Theosz
    2016-06-15 01:01 Send message
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    I didin't tryied to use in v1.23.on v1.24 crash the game on my pcModel descriptor '/prefab/recruitment_agency/recruitment_agency_sc.pmd' is malformed.Model descriptor '/prefab/recruitment_agency/recruitment_agency_sc.pmd' has incorrect file version 0 - expected version 4model_template.cpp(560): [email protected][email protected]@@UEAAXXZ: Failed to load model descriptor (.pmd) or model geometry (.pmg) for '/prefab/recruitment_agency/recruitment_agency_
  • Theosz
    2016-06-24 05:21 Send message
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    ...more issues in my pc. hope the author can repair.[dx9] Texture (texture_base) not found in material (/prefab/service/materials/service_sc_8_lights_01.mat) - requested by (/effect/eut2/_shd/d61a8de3719b6b0de1186794fabbefe7.sm3x.fso)[dx9] Texture (texture_base) not found in material (/prefab/service/materials/gas_corner_sc_15_metal_gs_01.mat) - requested by (/effect/eut2/_shd/d61a8de3719b6b0de1186794fabbefe7.sm3x.fso)
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