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New Prefab v3 1.21
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New Prefab v3 1.21

is compatible with all map tested 1.21.x

This mod adding :
New big garage open doors
New  big,small truck dealers open doors
New service
New Otel
New Recruitment agency
New Gas station Small

Respect download link! Thanks!


  • Rallehellbanger
    2015-10-14 15:13
    This Link is dead.....
  • Ghostlords
    2015-10-14 15:28
    Browser cookies clear
  • S13


    2015-10-14 18:26
    Mate, you to put this mod working?
  • Ghostlords
    2015-10-14 18:55
    fix http://uploadfiles.eu/ogiak4yo5sk1/New_Prefab_v3.rar.html
  • Rallehellbanger
    2015-10-14 20:26
    ok this link going thx
  • Nportegies skins
    2015-10-15 12:00
    SCS file is still not seen, I extracted the files completely and repackaged as a ZIP file. Now it works in my game and it is visible in the list of mods.For anyone who also has this problem can download the zip file here.Furthermore, there is no change to this mod, that honor is for modders !https://mega.nz/#!AYRkBYRS!0KR_l4JC9jK7Niw0eNx0p1diZPgwnR28jrBT2dZByPY
  • Nportegies skins
    2015-10-15 12:01
  • Ghostlords
    2015-10-17 16:48
    new links http://sharemods.com/slcenk3fvwyu/New_Prefab_v3.rar.html
  • Ingemar
    2015-10-28 17:18
    How do i install this?
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