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Night-driving lighting mod [WIP]
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Night-driving lighting mod [WIP]

HDR, Color correction (tonemap) and DOF must be set to ON!!!

1) Weather & HDR params setted up for each time interval.
2) Flare remaked.
3) Lightmask for truck & traffic remaked.
4) Different masks for relecting halogen & linz xenon. Light intencity setup.
5) Lights positions set correctly for each truck.
!!! Additional lights on front & roof grills not working correctly, don't use them, work still in progress.
6) Some little tweaks, such as traffic car colors (more white & black cars, less other colors)

Base weather mod by Mishuk.
Some highway lamps taken from Atak_Snajpera mod - they are with bigger bulbs, so player can see them from longer distances.

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